Youth Is Forever
Emily Moreau || 20 || Straight|| Usher Model

Fiance Girlfriend of Spencer Ferdinand and pregnant with his son

Best Friend of Julie Simmons and Sera Monroe

Cousin of Lucy and Jude Diamant

Reincarnation of Nancy Spungen

Optimist, Dreamer, Romantic.....Slowly falling apart.....At you service.


A Living Nightmare | Spencer & Emily

It had been days, but the memory of what happened at the dance was still engraved in her head. The fight with Spencer had been witnessed by practically everyone in town. There wasn’t many secrets she had left to hide from Renata. Emily was upset bcause of his accusations and causing a scene, but she also couldn’t handle being away from him. Living with Julie Simmons for the past few days, had cleared her head, even if she spent the entire time thinking about him. She went back and forth trying to decide if she was angry, sad, or worried. When she heard from Seth that he was wreck, she settled for worried.

Emily walked back to the apartment after sneaking out of Julie’s. After living in Julie’s clothes for the last couple of days, she switched back into the dress from the dance, but held her shoes and the crown in her hand. She wanted to keep the crown as a reminder of what happened. She wanted the memory to go away, but she couldn’t pretend she wasn’t miserable for the last few days.As Emily opened the door, she noticed everything around her was in a bigger mess than it normally was. Something didn’t feel right about the space. She shut the door behind her, trying to be careful. Seth wasn’t anywhere in sight, which meant that Spencer and her would be alone. She wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing. Emily was apprehensive as she walked around the apartment . She was certain she would be hurt when she got home, but she was too worried about him, it didn’t matter. Something felt wrong. She hadn’t felt like herself the last few days and needed to be with him again, even if the last time they were near each other, they were yelling.

Emily slowly opened the door to their bedroom and was shocked at what she found. ” Fuck, Spence?” Emily replied, in a cautious voice. Spencer was laying in bed covered in cuts. There was blood soaked into the mattress and sheets. Emily put a hand over her mouth to suppress the urge to scream. She dropped the shoes and crown from her hands and ran over to him. ” Spencer?” Emily said in a state of panic. She shouldn’t have left him.

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    His mouth was quickly becoming dry, but he welcomed Emily’s mouth against his. Spencer was quickly losing consciousness....
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    Emily winced under the force in which Spencer used to inject her bloodstream full of heroin. Instantly she felt the...